Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where is our focus??

The Vatican says Jews are no longer the chosen people. Rick Warren reveals how he embraces the Roman Catholic religion and pushes for ecumenical unity. Victoria Osteen says worship for yourself, not for God. ISIS [IS] video tapes beheadings and kidnaps little girls. US continues to condemn Israel. The pope says the church grows by attraction, not proselytizing.

Does our dinner conversation center around the latest FoxNews headline, or The Word of God? Do we teach our children to look up, to pray for those in authority over us or look out to those making headlines today offering our bit of wisdom in the situation? Do they hear us grumble and complain about the latest breaking news or pray and intercede for the fallen and lost? Is our first line of defense to bow our head and take a knee if we hear of pastors and teachers falling into sin? Do we rehash the failures of the government or shake our heads in disbelief at the latest horrific actions of the Islamic faithful ?  

Wars and rumors of wars fill the airways. Barack Hussein Obama has no strategic plan to protect the U.S. or our allies from terrorist. Nor does our government even acknowledge the existence of terrorism or terrorist.

And on and on it goes.

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in Thee.” Isaiah 26:3

Where is our focus?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Although my house be not so with God; yet he hath made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things, and sure: for this is all my salvation, and all my desire, although he make it not to grow. 2 Samuel 23:5

This is not so much one promise as an aggregate of promises—a box of pearls. the covenant is the ark which contains all things. These are the last words of David, but they may be mine today. Here is a sigh: things are not with me and mine as I could wish; there are trials, cares, and sins. These make the pillow hard. Here is a solace—"He hath made with me an everlasting covenant." Jehovah has pledged Himself to me, and sealed the compact with the blood of Jesus. I am bound to my God and my God to me. This brings into prominence a security, since this covenant is everlasting, well ordered, and sure. There is nothing to fear from the lapse of time, the failure of some forgotten point, or the natural uncertainty of things. The covenant is a rocky foundation to build on for life or for death. David feels satisfaction: he wants no more for salvation or delectation. He is delivered, and he is delighted. The covenant is all a man can desire. O my soul, turn thou this day to thy Lord Jesus, whom the great Lord has given to be a covenant to the people. Take Him to be thine all in all.

Charles H. Spurgeon
Solace, Security, Satisfaction

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Christians, in the last 80 years or so, have only been seeing things as bits and pieces which have gradually begun to trouble them and others, instead of understanding that they are the natural outcome of a change from a Christian World View to a Humanistic one; things such as over-permissiveness, pornography, the problem of the public schools, the breakdown of the family, abortion, infanticide (the killing of newborn babies), increased emphasis upon the euthanasia of the old and many, many other things.

All of these things and many more are only the results. We may be troubled with the individual thing, but in reality we are missing the whole thing if we do not see each of these things and many more as only symptoms of the deeper problem. And that is the change in our society, a change in our country, a change in the Western world from a Judeo-Christian consensus to a Humanistic one. That is, instead of the final reality that exists being the infinite creator God; instead of that which is the basis of all reality being such a creator God, now largely, all else is seen as only material or energy which has existed forever in some form, shaped into its present complex form only by pure chance."
Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer - 1982

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Christina, kidnapped by ISIS
ISIS escorted Christina’s Christian family, as well as many other residents, to the Khazar checkpoint and told them to leave and never return.
The girl was last seen by her mother crying and sobbing as a heavily bearded ISIS fighter carried her away.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Much of Iraq’s Christian population—halved and halved and halved again since the 2003 U.S. invasion—now finds itself shoved into the Kurdish corner of Iraq with nowhere else to go but cities like Erbil and Duhok, cities isolated from the rest of the country and surrounded by mountains with limited transit routes. War in Syria, hostility in Iran, and a closed border to Turkey all leave the Christians forced from Mosul and Nineveh Plain this summer with next to no options—and so they have crowded into church courtyards, sleeping in streets and parks, living out of tents or on open ground. 

Are we continuing to pray for our brothers and sisters, lifting their arms as they fight the good fight of faith,  or have other more "pressing" matters drown out their cries for help, and crowded out their tears?

Could this happen in America?  Yes!! -  And should God allow it, would we wish christians in other nations to be as faithful to pray for us as we have been to pray for the persecuted church in Iraq and around the world.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

An URGENT prayer request from a brother in Iraq.

"... praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints."  Ephesians 6:18 

The following is from Sean Malone who leads Crisis Relief International (CRI). 

 "We lost the city of Queragosh (Qaraqosh). It fell to ISIS and they are beheading children systematically. This is the city we have been smuggling food too. ISIS has pushed back Peshmerga (Kurdish forces) and is within 10 minutes of where our CRI team is working. Thousands more fled into the city of Erbil last night. The UN evacuated it's staff in Erbil. Our team is unmoved and will stay.

Prayer cover needed!"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

"I liken our current generation in the West to that final Babylonian party. We have become so proud of our technology and innovation that we have indulged in a long (post-World War II to present), riotous, cultural party, casting off our former religion, experimenting with drugs (legal and illegal), psychology, Eastern religions, atheism, and sexual immorality. Many modern people are oblivious to the manifold dangers we face and completely caught unaware of the ruin, temporal and spiritual, that looms before us.

But the handwriting is on the wall. For all who have eyes to see and ears to hear"

From a book I highly recommend, A Sword On The Land
By a pastor I have followed for many years,
Pastor Bill Randles